Infrared electrical inspections find hot spots caused by defects in connections and components. Infrared thermography is used to find areas of excess heat (caused by increased resistance) so that problems can be corrected before a component fails, causing damage to the component, creating safety hazards and productivity loss. Because increased heating is a sign of failure, infrared is the best diagnostic tool available for finding these hot connections in the early stages of degeneration.

  • Reduces downtime
  • Reduces risk of equipment failure
  • Increases safety
  • Improves system performance
  • Great fault finding tool
  • Improves system performance

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infrared is the best diagnostic tool available for finding electrical faults in the early stages of degeneration. This increases safety, reduces downtime and is a cost effective solution. If you're looking for a modern solution to prevent downtime within the workforce, we are highly skilled and recommended to carry out thermal imaging solutions. Find out more...

Electrical installations

From single source installations in homes, to full production lines within an industrial environment.

Fault finding

Equipment can malfunction for a variety of reasons. Whatever the problem, JW Electrical Services can find the cause of the fault in order for it to be corrected. Find out more about our electrical fault finding solutions...

Maintainance shift cover

JW Electrical can provide engineers to assist with preventative maintenance.

Electrical rewire

Whether the electrical rewire is for your home, business or industrial area, we ensure that your property is safe with well installed and up-to-date and high quality electrics making you fully-compliant with 
current legislation and regulations.

Inspection & testing

Testing & Inspection is a legal requirement in the UK. Beyond 
regulation, frequent inspection of your electrical systems is critical. We can assist you in meeting your legal obligations, and
 also provide periodic reports to provide peace of mind. Our testing and inspection 
services cover the requirements all relevant regulations.

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